April 22 Update

Thanks for all of the support so far! We have been communicating with our friends in Ecuador and feel that, for the time being, it makes the most sense to focus on the long-tern needs of the community. USAID, the Red Cross, and others are getting critical supplies to impacted communities. It’s not a perfect situation, of course, but it sounds like those that most need help are receiving it, at least for now. So, we’re going to see how things develop over the next couple of days, and likely dedicate the money we’ve raised so far towards an infrastructure project, TBD in the coming days and weeks.

Here’s an update from our friend Pablo (translated from Spanish) that I also wanted to share:

“I just came back from Manabi. I have family in Bahia and went there to help them. After being there I can tell you that some towns are devastated (Canoa is on of them), others are bad and even the ones that are in the best shape have suffered a lot.

Our biggest concern is what will happen when the disaster is no longer in the news and people start forgetting about it. This is when we will need the most help.

We are working on a plan. Right now Ecuadorians from all over the country are sending water, food, etc. so the immediate help is there. But how will the area recover? Who will help in one month from now? This is what we are working on. We have several possible ideas and are coordinating with some other people and groups in the area.

If you prefer to donate right now, let me know since there are several organizations I know that are helping now, but right now people are getting “enough” water and food. It is adequate, for now at least.”

Thanks All!!!