Ecuador Earthquake Relief

Help support earthquake relief in Canoa Ecuador.

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The Story

On April 16, Ecuador was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. One of the hardest hit towns is Canoa, a coastal village beloved by locals and travelers alike. Some media outlets have estimated that up to 90% of structures in town were damaged or destroyed. There are critical short term needs for survivors – food, shelter, and water. Longer term, a massive effort will be necessary to rebuild. Your tax-deductible support will go towards these initiatives.

About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Brooklyn, NY. For several summers, we have organized student groups to Ecuador, including to Canoa and Manabi province. We are hoping to mobilize support for the people of Canoa that have shown such extraordinary hospitality over the years.

How Funds Will Be Used

We will act as custodian of your donation and determine the best use of funds based on the following criteria:

  1. 100% of your donation will be used for disaster relief efforts in Ecuador. We run our own crowdfunding platform, so the transaction fees are much lower than other platforms – 2.2% for Visa and Mastercard; 3.5% for Amex. Every penny after paying credit card processing fees will go to disaster relief
  2. Funds will be used in Canoa or the immediate region
  3. We know of a few organizers that are working directly on immediate relief efforts in Canoa and may choose to allocate up to 50% of net proceeds in this way. We will also earmark at least 50% of funds for reconstruction efforts.
  4. We will vet all recipients of funds. We have concerns over trust and inefficiencies in larger relief organizations operating in Ecuador. The national government — which has long sought to centralize services and diminish the role of civil society in the country — has asserted control over relief efforts. We are concerned about the ability of the government and large aid organizations to effectively respond to the disaster, particularly in smaller communities and particularly after the immediate relief work is completed. We will work directly with local organizations to ensure the best usage of donations. We have several trusted contacts in the area, although we have yet determine exactly how to make the most impact in both the short and the long-term
  5. As an educational non-profit, we will give priority to the restoration of educational institutions and/or those that nurture the development of civil society, so that the long-term health and sustainability of the communities impacted can again flourish.
  6. We will disclose disbursement of funds publicly on this website